Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thermogenic effects of food.

It is very important to realize the distinct difference between eating quality foods over processed refined foods. One of the differences that few know about is called thermogenics. Thermogenic is a property of a food type that causes the body to burn and use energy to digest food types. So lets give a basic example with simple math. If you eat 100 calories of raw carrots or raw veggies it may take 30 calores to digest the food due to the amount of energy that it takes to break it down. A net of 70 calories. However, if you drink a 100 calorie soda or 100 calories of pretzels it takes the body very little energy to break it down and digest due to the refined nature of the soda and pretzels. Perhaps it only takes 10 calories to digest the soda and pretzel. Net effect of 90 calories. For practical matter foods that are high in protein and raw veggies have a high thermogenic value. Processed and refined foods such as white breads, pastas, bagel adn soft drinks have a low thermogenic value. Doesn't it make sense to eat foods that will utimately raise your metabolism and leave you with less stored calories at the end of the day. Over time it adds up to a lot of weight loss...or weight gain if you choose the wrong foods.

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