Thursday, October 29, 2009

The importance of ritual and routines

In in order to get more done in less time it is essential you stick to rituals and routines. Let me give you an example of some of my own

6am gym

7am read/check emails

8am breakfast with kids

10-7 office

730-9 family time

9pm read professional journals etc.

Granted there are always life circumstances that will get in the way but the key is to get back to the normal routine. This is the best way to move steadily and consistently on the path to your goals. When you fail to plan you plan to fail. Letting the day dictate your schedule vs. you dictating your schedule is a bad habit. Get to work on this simply by writing down tomorrow's routine!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Make your own rules to lose weight.

When is comes to nutrition you need to create rules and stick to them. Far too many times people consume an abundance of food on a Saturday night only to wake up Sunday morning and have another huge breakfast...and no gym in sight. If you want to play you must pay. How about this approach. I am going to indulge on Sat night but I will be at the gym first thing in the morning and I will eat a moderate breakfast. I personally make rules such as no alcohol during the week or no dessert during the week. Once again it all boils down to discipline. However, at least this way there is some accountability and you will feel the remorse when you break your "rules". They are your rules so make it fun. The bottom line is you must expend more energy than you consume.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Try this exercise to blast your core.

The renegade row is will strengthen your core, increase shoulder stability and blast you lat muscles. Check out the video.

This one nutrition tip can change your life!

I recently participated in Tom Phillip's Ultimate Body Transformation. Tom is my trainer and a group of his clients followed Tom's program as he trained for a natural bodybuilding show. Always looking for a challenge I jumped in. Although I have always been a good eater I was amazed at the power these 2 P's had in getting me the leanest I have been in years! The first P is preparation or better yet planning. As the saying goes, "If you fail to plan you are planning to fail. " This cannot be more true than when it comes to eating. You must take the time to prepare the meals in advance for your ENTIRE day. The next P is Portion control. You can eat the best, organic and healthy food choices, however, if you eat too much you will gain weight. It is simple math. You must burn more than you consume! I have heard it time and time again. "I eat healthy" or "I don't like sweets." Without preparation and portion control you will never get to your goals no matter how healthy you think you eat.

Did you make a health deposit or withdrawal today?

Huh? Each day we either move in the direction of health and wellness or towards sickness and disease. We rarely are staying in a neutral state. So how did you begin your day. Did you make a deposit or a withdrawal? Let me give some examples. Did you choose to get up early and exercise or did you hit the snooze button. Did you have the quality high protein breakfast or the sugary cereal? You have choices each day, all day. These choices are either depleting your health potential or enhancing it. Take a piece of paper. Make 2 columns. The left column is the deposits. The right column is the withdrawals. Take inventory. It may be a surprise you are as healthy as you are! This is only a testament to the amazing resilience of the human body. Take heed. Disease is not about bad luck. It is about your choices throughout your life.

Thermogenic effects of food.

It is very important to realize the distinct difference between eating quality foods over processed refined foods. One of the differences that few know about is called thermogenics. Thermogenic is a property of a food type that causes the body to burn and use energy to digest food types. So lets give a basic example with simple math. If you eat 100 calories of raw carrots or raw veggies it may take 30 calores to digest the food due to the amount of energy that it takes to break it down. A net of 70 calories. However, if you drink a 100 calorie soda or 100 calories of pretzels it takes the body very little energy to break it down and digest due to the refined nature of the soda and pretzels. Perhaps it only takes 10 calories to digest the soda and pretzel. Net effect of 90 calories. For practical matter foods that are high in protein and raw veggies have a high thermogenic value. Processed and refined foods such as white breads, pastas, bagel adn soft drinks have a low thermogenic value. Doesn't it make sense to eat foods that will utimately raise your metabolism and leave you with less stored calories at the end of the day. Over time it adds up to a lot of weight loss...or weight gain if you choose the wrong foods.

Friday, October 9, 2009

What is wellness?

I am often confused by the term wellness. What is it? Is it going to a spa for a massage? Is it eating a plate of veggies? The reality is there is no perfect definition. I think the best way to explain wellness is "any activity or habit you do to better help one acheive a higher state of health." For example going to the gym regularly is a wellness habit. Doing this on a regular basis will certainly help you maintain an active life. The point is wellness is an action word. One must actively participate if they are looking to acheive a higher state of wellness. My top 3 wellness acts.
1. Exercise regularly. It can simply be a 20 minute walk but make sure you move your body daily!
2. Eliminate ALL refined carbs including white flour and white sugar.
3. Reduce your stress by emptying your plate. Learn to say no. Much of our stress is self inflicted. Don't commit to so much.

That's it for now. See you next time.

Dr. Cilea