Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did you make a health deposit or withdrawal today?

Huh? Each day we either move in the direction of health and wellness or towards sickness and disease. We rarely are staying in a neutral state. So how did you begin your day. Did you make a deposit or a withdrawal? Let me give some examples. Did you choose to get up early and exercise or did you hit the snooze button. Did you have the quality high protein breakfast or the sugary cereal? You have choices each day, all day. These choices are either depleting your health potential or enhancing it. Take a piece of paper. Make 2 columns. The left column is the deposits. The right column is the withdrawals. Take inventory. It may be a surprise you are as healthy as you are! This is only a testament to the amazing resilience of the human body. Take heed. Disease is not about bad luck. It is about your choices throughout your life.

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