Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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The 4 Minute Workout

101 Great Ways to Improve Your HealthWhat if you can flood your body with a fat burning hormone that lasts for 48 hours and works while you sleep?  What would you be willing to pay?  Well the price is not expensive.  In fact, you cannot even purchase this hormone...well, maybe you can, but the health risks are way to high and not worth it.  But you an pay the price in a different way.

 Let me introduce the "4 minute workout."  Yes...I did say 4 minutes.  With the current understanding of how your body burns fat this is all you need!  The key to this 4 minutes is HIGH INTENSITY... Yes, I am talking about a WIND SUCKING WORKOUT.  Are you willing to pay that price?  Here is how to get it done.  Pick and exercise to get your heartrate up fast and is difficult to perform for 30 seconds.  You will do 8 sets of 30 seconds WIND SUCKING sprints.  You can catch your breathe for about 2 minutes in between sets which makes the workout about 20 total minutes. 

Now you say thats it?  Well guess what?  It sounds easier than it is.  The best exercise to do this is on a treadmill where you can change the speed and incline to make it a tough 30 seconds.  A few other exercises that work well for this are the following:
  • Jump Squats                                                   
  • Burpees
  • Squat thrusts
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Split Squats

Keep in mind for some simply doing jumping jacks, jumping rope or stepping up on an exercise stair machine will be high enough intensity.  You only need to do this workout 3 days per week.  Give it a try and watch the lbs. melt away.  For optimum results eliminate all WHITE REFINED products such as pasta, bagels, white bread, and white rice.  These foods will have a negative effect on the hormonal response you are creating with the HIGH INTENSITY training.  High Protein foods are best and as many raw veggies as you like.

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