Sunday, August 8, 2010

Health Update: Carpal Tunnel

Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common condition resulting in hand and sometimes neck and arm complaints. This can include numbness or tingling in the fingers, leading to dexterity problems such as difficulty buttoning clothing or picking up small objects. There are also issues with strength loss / weakness noticed such as when turning door knobs, opening jars, and even problems with turning the key to start a car. One big problem with CTS is people often wait too long before having it treated thinking it will “…go away” or disappear just like it started. CTS rarely gets better without some form of treatment and seeing a chiropractor makes perfect sense prior to considering surgical intervention.

So, the question remains, “what can I do for CTS?” There are several things a CTS sufferer can do to help manage this condition. Some risk factors such as gender and age cannot be changed but other factors can be changed including taking “mini-breaks” throughout the work day and/or work station modifications, managing weight as obesity (defined as a BMI >30 and a waist size >35” for women and >40” for men), wearing a wrist splint, as well as performing exercises to stretch the wrist area.

A study out of the University of Oklahoma reported 2 out of 3 patients with mild to moderate CTS avoided surgery by performing specific exercises. The concept of a 5-minute warm-up stretch each day before starting the workday is similar to a runner stretching before a run to prevent injury.

Step A: Extend and stretch both wrists and fingers acutely as if they
are in a standing push-up position. Hold for a count of 5.

Step B: Straighten both wrists and relax fingers.

Step C: Make a tight fist with both hands.

Step D: Then, bend both wrists down while keeping the fist. Hold for a
count of 5.

Step E: Straighten both wrists and relax fingers, for a count of 5.

Step F: Then, let your arms hang loosely at the side and shake them
for a few seconds.

This exercise should be repeated 10 times and can be repeated several times a day.

Chiropractic is a perfect choice when considering a health care provider for the treatment of CTS as these exercises can easily be taught to you at our office. In addition, many other non-surgical treatment options for CTS are available.

We realize you have a choice in who you consider for your health care provision and we sincerely appreciate your trust in choosing our service for those needs. If you, a friend or family member require care for CTS, we would be honored to render our services.


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