Saturday, February 6, 2010

What is spinal decompression therapy?

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for certain types of chronic back pain.  Mechanical decompression works by slowly and gently stretching the spine, taking pressure off compressed discs and vertebrae. Spinal decompression is one of the most exciting medical treatments developed in many years, since it demonstrates good statistical results for long term pain relief.

The most common spinal condition treated with decompression treatment is a herniated disc. Spinal compression can cause disc herniations to expand, putting pressure on surrounding spinal nerve roots Decompression treatment takes the pressure off these damaged discs so that the disc bulge will shrink back closer to its original size.

Degenerative disc disease is also a common condition treated with decompression therapy. Loss of disc height can be exacerbated by spinal compression, causing the vertebral bodies to move closer together. This can cause nerve compression and other forms of common back pain. Decompression eliminates the overwhelming pressure on degenerated discs reducing or eliminating painful symptoms.

Facet joint syndrome is yet another condition treated with spinal decompression. Facet syndrome causes pain due to arthritic changes in the vertebral bones. Decompression helps to create more space between the vertebrae, hopefully reducing painful symptoms.

In order to determine if you are a candidate for spinal decompression a thorough history, exam and review of diagnostic tests including MRI’s will be necessary.  Once accepted a typical decompression program is 4 to 8 weeks in duration.  Over this period 12 to 20 treatment sessions are performed.  Each treatment session is approximately one hour long and includes any necessary physical therapy services.

A spinal decompression program may be covered by health insurance plans.  Each plan must be verified and discussed with patients on an individual basis.  It is important to choose a practice that has both expertise in spinal decompression and utilizes the most advanced spinal decompression technology.  The DRX 9000 and the Vax D are the industry leaders in this technology.

Dr. Cilea is the president of Advanced Wellness.  Advanced Wellness has been a leader in spinal decompression in Central New Jersey with over a thousand patients treated over the past 5 years.  They utilize the DRX 9000 technology.  To learn more about spinal decompression visit or call 732-984-9594 for a free consultation.

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