Friday, December 4, 2009

Back pain to be concerned about

90% of Americans will suffer an episode of back pain in their lifetime. It is important to determine when medical action is needed. Back pain can be categorized into radiating and nonradiating or centralized back pain. Non radiating back pain is often caused by spinal misalignment, muscle spasms or facet irritaion. This type of pain is often uncomplicated and can be resolved fairly quickly with conservative hands on therapies. Radiating back pain is often more complex and can be more serious and chronic. Many times the radiation is caused by a herniated disc or nerve related issue. It is important to seek medical care to get a proper diagnosis so the appropriate treatment can be performed. A very serious condition called cauda equina syndrome is a medical emergency and is associated with bowel or bladder issues in conjuction with back pain. Back pain that lasts more than a few days will only create bigger problems down the road in the future so don't ignore the signs.

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